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Last Updated: 16/05/2021

Current Readiness Level


Digital programme delivery | Small groups can meet indoors and outdoors | Camping mostly permitted

What this means

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that we've had to make some major changes to Scouting, but we're doing our best to adapt and keep going.

Scouting from home

While we're all stuck at home, you can still work on badges and lots of groups are now beginning to run online, virtual meetings.
We’re still working to support all our young people at home to continue learning #SkillsForLife. Take a look at the CRE8 challenge and the Take you to the top challenge to take part in local weekly challenges, as well as the Great Indoors badge , which is a collection of over 100 fun activities to help our young people have fun and keep learning.

Summer Scout Fest

The Summer Scout Fest is a series of challenges that have been created by Merseyside Scouts for our members to have a go at while were all stuck at home. They include things like cookery, exercise and community support. You can find them on the news page of the County website, here's a link

As lockdown measures and local tiers change, Scouts UK are working with youth sector partners and the National Youth Agency government body to determine what a safe return to face-to-face Scouts may look like.
As such a Readiness Framework has been introduced outlining what is allowable at certain stages of the pandemic. The Readiness Level for England is decided by Scouts UK however this may be adjusted on a regional/county level to reflect local restrictions.
Our framework defines our Readiness Levels as:


Rate of infection is remaining consistent or growing

  • Digital programme delivery
  • No face-to-face activities or meetings
  • No residential activities


Rate of infection is reducing consistently in all parts of the country

  • Digital programme delivery
  • Small group sessions can take place outdoors and indoors, maximum of 15 young people
  • No residential activities


Number of cases is low and decreasing, full Track and Trace system in place

  • Digital programme delivery
  • Small group sessions can take place outdoors and indoors, maximum group sizes TBC
  • Camping permitted within the UK, excl. Scotland


No new cases or a vaccine is readily available

  • All scouting activities can resume in line with government guidance
Please note that while certain activities may be allowed under the current Readiness Level, some groups may not be able to safely resume due to venue restrictions and/or leader safety issues.
In addition, all groups are required complete a comprehensive risk assessment process which must be approved by the District before any face-to-face activities are allowed to restart.
The decision for each group about how to operate lies with the Group Scout Leader so for any specific queries about your group's response, we would encourage you to contact them.